Summer Music & Theatre Camp

camp2LightBox Theatre Company is launching its first summer camp for students ages 9-18! No experience needed.

Come for a week of fun, theater, and music! Students will take classes with LightBox actors and directors!

When: June 17 – June 22, 2018 (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
Sunday, June 17 – Check-In & Orientation 4 p.m. (parents invited for Q&A)
Camp begins Monday, June 18 at 9 a.m.

Where: Carnegie Arts Center, 250 N. Broadway, Turlock – New Location!

What to Expect: Students will take part in creating scenes and taking elective classes throughout the week with a final performance on the evening of Friday, June 22.

Elective Class Options:
Stage Combat
Learn the foundations of how to convey combat on stage safely and realistically. (Intermediate to advanced)

How to Sing like a Broadway Star
Learn the basics of how to use vocal inflection and body expression when singing in a musical. Beginning to intermediate

Who’s Line is it Anyway?
Learn the foundations of improvisational play and how it can be used on stage (Intermediate)

Mindful Movement
Learn stretches to prepare you for stunts and techniques to work on performance anxiety. (All levels)

Acting Fundamentals
Learn basic stage vocabulary and concepts of how to move comfortably on stage. (Beginning)

So you Think you can Dance?
Learn the basic and foundational dance steps used on stage and how to incorporate movement into your character. (Beginning to intermediate)

Character Development
Learn how to make your character well-rounded by incorporating stage walks, vocal qualities, and gestures that indicate age, ability, and physical make-up. (Intermediate to advanced)

Registration Fee:
$250 per student
$225 for early bird registration by May 22

Additional Option:
$100 deposit with final payment of $150 due by June 10




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