The Enchanted Lake (El Lago Encantado)

SPRING, 2021 (Streaming)

This English and Spanish bilingual play, originally written and performed by students at California Lutheran University, centers around Xochi from an Aztec town in Mexico. Against the advice of the villagers, Xochi travels to collect water from the Enchanted Lake, which is needed to cure a deadly plague. Along the way, Xochi encounters trouble, including Trickster gods of the Jungle, an erupting volcano and magical birds. The brave young girl also has to take on a serpent before reaching the lake. This play teaches about having courage and determination to defeat obstacles and bullies by doing the right thing.

Promotional Art by Sydney Jimenez

The Enchanted Lake (El Lago Encantado)
by Kenneth Gardner

Directed by Ileana Ramirez

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April 12 – May 9, 2021

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