Treasure Island Bistro Now Available For Viewing Online

TURLOCK — LightBox Theatre Company has made its most recent production available for streaming online.

Beginning Sept. 15, the public can watch Treasure Island Bistro on screen. The video on demand is available on the company’s website for a limited time until Oct. 11.

“We wanted to share this wonderful production with our fans and supporters, as well as the general public because we were unable to stage it last spring,” said Stefani Tsai, Director and Co-Founder.

Just days prior to the opening of Treasure Island Bistro last March, the Carnegie Arts Center had to close due to the state mandate of shutdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The cast and crew were able to stage a private performance for friends and families while the play was recorded.

With the on-going health crisis, the LightBox board members and staff opted against a reopening. In place of a live performance for the Fall production, LightBox will open its sixth season with a streaming of Treasurer Island Bistro.

“We felt that providing the streaming is the safest and best thing to do for everyone at this time,” Tsai stated. “While watching a play on screen is a different experience, we hope everyone can still enjoy this production and see the results of the hard work put in by our cast and crew.”

Written by Yokanaan Kearns, Treasure Island Bistro is an original commissioned play inspired by the novel ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. Kearns had previously worked with LightBox as he authored Gilgamesh: The Hero-y King (Fall, 2019).

Treasure Island Bistro is about 10-year-old Jimena, who was both sad and scared when her mom was taken to the hospital one day. Her mom’s friends figured out a way to keep Jimena busy and distracted all afternoon by putting on a play about the book that inspired their restaurant. The play teaches children how to be brave and how to judge who’s good and who’s bad.

“We didn’t plan for this play to be as timely as it is. Kids are sad and scared right now given the climate we are in with the pandemic,” said Tsai. “We can always turn to the arts for comfort.”

Treasure Island Bistro is available at Each one-day rental is $4, which covers the production of the streaming. For more information about the play, please visit

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