Carnegie Arts Center

LightBox is pleased to announce a partnership with the Carnegie Arts Center in downtown Turlock to provide more artistic program for local youths through theatre! As one of only a handful of arts centers in the Central Valley, the Carnegie Arts Center in the City of Turlock is an arts center that is both local and regional in its perspective.

About the Carnegie Arts Center
The historic Carnegie Library opened in 1916, one of more than 1,600 libraries built by Andrew Carnegie across the U.S. It served as Turlock’s library until 1968 and has been used as an arts center since 1979. In November 2005 a fire destroyed everything but its exterior walls. The City of Turlock and the Carnegie Arts Center Foundation soon entered into a partnership to rebuild and expand the facility. Opening in September 2011, it is now operated entirely by the Foundation, a private, nonprofit corporation. The scorched walls of the original building can be seen from the lobby of the new addition, where they stand as a symbol of community resolve.

The Carnegie Arts Center operates according to core values and in keeping with its mission of bringing diverse community and regional audiences together to experience and celebrate art in all its forms. The Carnegie’s programs include exhibitions, education classes and programs, lectures, and activities in artistic genres as diverse as dance, music, theatre and more. At least 25% of our programming is dedicated to children and teens.

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