2017-18 SEASON


Fall 2017
AladdinAladdin’s Luck

While determined to impress Princess Leilah, Aladdin finds a dingy oil lamp that houses a magical genie. The genie helps Aladdin masquerade as a grand emir to win the Princess’s hand. The familiar story, adapted by playwright Janet Stanford, is sure to engage our young audiences!

Dates: October 13-22, 2017

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Spring 2018

From the moment Gepetto creates him from a stick of wood, Pinocchio dreams of being a real boy. But will the all-too-tempting delights of puppet shows and Playland be too much for Pinocchio? When Gepetto is swallowed by a whale, it is up to this little puppet to show his courage and prove his love for his Papa is real. This is a new, fast-paced, story-within-a-story version of the classic Pinocchio tale.

Dates: March 16-25, 2018

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