Mission Statement:
logoLightBox Theatre Company is a non-profit theater organization committed to bringing quality, professional live drama to the youth in and around Turlock. Through public and school based performances, we seek to provide opportunities for all of our communities’ youth to be entertained, enlightened, and inspired. We strive to be one of the first steps in instilling a life-long love of the arts for the young members of our community.

Our Goals are:

  • to create a permanent, non-profit resident theatre company that produces paid, professional-quality theatre that will benefit the youth of Turlock and its surrounding communities.
  • to produce adaptations of children literature and to develop new works that reflect the history, stories, and culture of our diverse community.
  • to create, through community partnerships with school districts, low-cost options for educators to provide artistic, illuminating, and inspiring opportunities for students of all ages.

The LightBox Theatre Company was born out of a desire to create a professional non-profit resident theatre company for young audiences that would benefit Turlock and its surrounding communities. More than just a local community theatre, we are a professional company that provides paid opportunities for designers, directors, actors, and technicians to produce high-quality entertainment for young audiences. In the future, we hope to create an internship program for emerging artists that are pursuing a professional career in theatre or theatre education to ensure that our company is continually integrating new ideas and perspectives as well as contributing to our field at large.

We currently produce two shows, one in the fall and one in the spring. By producing stage adaptations of popular children’s literature we are able to integrate our programming with the curriculum of K-12 educators and by partnering with local civic organizations, such as the Carnegie Arts Center, we provide affordable opportunities for educators to introduce their students to the same stories they have been reading in class in a new way; through live performance. When moving beyond published stories, we seek collaboration with local cultural groups to develop new works that highlight and celebrate the favorite stories or legends from our community’s diverse population. New work development provides opportunities to archive and promote the many heritages that form Turlock as well as bring our community’s history and formation to life.

LightBox Theatre Company is excited about its role in the lives and imaginations of Turlock’s youth. As we grow, we envision becoming a larger fixture in our community, participating in civic events, and forming lasting partnerships with educators and local businesses. We are a small company with big dreams, not just for ourselves but for our community as well. Come grow with us.