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2019-20 Season

Our fifth season features a culturally historic story and a fun production with pirates and mermaids.

Gilgamesh: the Hero-y King

Gilgamesh: the Hero-y King

King Gilgamesh thinks he’s the gods’ gift to Uruk. But Gilgamesh is driving the people of Uruk crazy. So the gods send Enkidu, a wild man who lives in the forest, to fight Gilgamesh and show the shiny, hero-y, bossy young king what it really means to be a great leader.

Treasure Island Bistro

Treasure Island Bistro

Ten year-old Jimena spends time in a restaurant inspired by the book Treasure Island and finds herself in a play starring as Jim Hawkins. She meets pirate Long Jane Silver and learns how to be brave and judge who's good and who's a pirate.